You Are Eternity [SACD003] DADUB



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Jan. 2nd, 2013

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Dadub - Vibration
Dadub - Truth
Dadub - Life
Dadub - Path
Dadub - Circle (feat. Edit Select)
Dadub - Death
Dadub - Transfer (feat. King Cannibal)
Dadub - Arrival
Dadub - Unbroken Continuity
Dadub - Experience (feat. Øe)
Dadub - Existence
Dadub - Iridescent Fragment

‘You Are Eternity’ is the third album to be released on Stroboscopic Artefacts and comes from two of the minds who have shaped the label since its earliest days: Dadub. Recorded over a period of two years, but containing fragments and ideas that stretch back a decade ‘You Are Eternity’ has been mixed together to form a continuous piece rather than twelve discreet tracks. The effect? An immersive journey that encompasses the descriptors brutal, ferocious, ambient and aqueous.

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