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Dec. 08, 2014

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Xhin - Blade Moth
Tommy Four Seven - fffff
kangding Ray - Luna
Dscrd - Apparition Hill
Xhin’s Blade Moth’, previously released digitally by Meerestief, finds today new (and remastered) life on SA. It is deep and propulsive, with scattershot percussion reverberating around finely tuned kicks and sci-fi oscillations. On ‘FFFFF’, an incessant bass groove channels pounding kicks and high-end distortion into powerful form. Flip the record over and Kangding Ray provides the most dramatic offering in ‘Luna’. Warehouse-style synths slide from behind drums and throbbing pulses of sub bass, driving the track forward with vigour. Parisian act Dscrd end the EP with slow, grinding techno cut ‘Apparition Hill’. It opts for tension over release, ebbing and flowing with restrained arrangement and masterful guile.
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