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Sept. 09, 2014

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Rrose - Drowned By Sight
Perc - Tri City
Pfirter Atman
Lakker - Pier
Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrate five years in business with a series of special anniversary releases, featuring selected artists from the SA story-so-far who have strongly shaped the label's identity. In 'Drowned By Sight', Rrose sets the tone for the record with a deep and twisting take on club techno. Perc's 'Tri-City' is a more direct assault on the dancefloor. Flip the record to find Pfirter's exceptional 'Atman'. This track comes from the more reserved end of Pfirter's discography, deriving its impact from titanic sound design rather than brute muscle. Irish duo Lakker provide the closing track, 'Pier'. 'V - Five Years Of Artefacts - Chapter One' provides a well-rounded snapshot of what Lucy's label has explored since its conception.
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