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Jan. 19, 2015

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Jonas Kopp - shibu
Dadub - Force Continuum Abuse
Eomac - I Am Starting To Believe
Chevel - Alicia
Jonas Kopp pumps the drums hard on opener 'Shibu'. It is pure peak-time material, fit with siren-like synths, heavy kicks and hi-hats to get the shoulders moving. Dadub take the record deeper with 'Force Continuum Abuse'. For the first three minutes of stretched soundscape, the percussion warms up with sparse and off-kilter hits. Eomac begins the B-side with 'I Am Starting To Believe'. The track's echoing synths hang free in a spacious mid-range, intermittently making way for long chords and elusive vocal snippets. Last but not least, Chevel; his sound is distinctive amongst the SA roster, mostly due to his acute focus on the percussive elements and intriguing take on minimalism.
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