Universe / Metropolis [SA009] PFIRTER // DADUB



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May. 11, 2012

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Pfirter - Universe
Dadub - Metropolis
Pfirter - Universe (Edit Select Dub)
Dadub - Metropolis (Edit Select Dub)
SA009 sees Stroboscopic Artefacts return to the split vinyl format, with the formidable Pfirter taking to the A-side and the two minds behind Artefacts Mastering, Dadub, taking care of the B-side. As Pfirter's 'Monad IV' proved, his releases on SA are not as you've heard him before. His vision cut to wax is "Universe", a 10 minute odyssey that's both militantly 4/4 and peppered with unpredictability. Dadub's 'Metropolis' is a cityscape rendered in all its complexity. From these two tracks, two tools have been skillfully extracted by a new edition to the SA family: Edit Select. Out of Pfirter's 'Universe' he distills a silken serum. The B-side 'Metropolis' is pushed deep; the beats drop fathoms below and leagues above the top lines reverberate with hazy memories.
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