Stellate 2 [SASTE002] 2 X 10' BOXSET


2 X 10' BOXSET

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May. 21, 2012

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Dadub - Endless
Dadub - Refraction
Silent Servant and Luis Farfan - La Negra Luna
Silent Servant and Luis Farfan - No Te Debia Amar
Roll The Dice - Ritenuto
Roll The Dice - Bad Tempered
Plaster - Udis
Plaster - Seber
SASTE002 marks the second release in the Stellate Series: sounds gathered from the experimental frontiers and outer edges of electronic music. For each Stellate Series release two tracks are created by four different producers. Here, the resulting 8 tracks highlight four collaborations and chart the disparate sounds that gravitate at the far side of the periphery. Stellate 2 brings together the visions of Dadub, Silent Servant and Luis Farfan, Roll The Dice and Plaster: yet as diverse as the forms and textures that they use are, something intangible provides a sense of unity. Stellate 2 is preoccupied with the process of looping, using both digital and analogue tools to layer ideas, distort perceptions and filigree finely textured surfaces.
>What's included in the box

01. The Stellate Series is boxed exquisitely in circular metallic tins which contains two transparent 10″ vinyls.
02. Each vinyl is separated by a typographic print on recycled paper.
03. The Stellate releases also contain a hand-numbered artwork inlay by Oblivious Artefacts.
04. The entire artwork inlay is comprised of four parts which are divided between Stellate 1 to Stellate 4.
05. Additionally every release contains a card with a unique download code.
06. Each Stellate release is a strictly limited edition of 300.
07. The entire Stellate Series was craftily mastered in Berlin at the Artefacts Mastering Studio.
08. The Stellate Series was graphically designed by Oblivious Artefacts [Ignazio Mortellaro and Marco Morici].

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