Resampled Part I [SADIG005] Various Artists


Various Artists

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May 12

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Xhin - Arrival (Lucy Twofold Remix)
Isodyne & Inigo Kennedy - Lagrange Point (Jonas Kopp Argatian Remix)
Chevel - Trevisun (Donor Distress Remix)
Hironori Takahashi - Medue (Obtane Puppetmachine Remix)
'Resampled' takes Stroboscopic Artefacts' Sampler Series and tangles it with reflexivity. Out of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Samplers' original 16 tracks, 8 of the producers have remixed a track from the other 8 artists. The creative process goes inverse and the original cuts get chiseled into, sanded down or polished bright. Part 1 opens with Lucy's 'Twofold Remix' of Xhin's 'Arrival' where what starts out as 4/4 techno resolves into an experimental dew. Jonas Kopp's 'Argatian Remix' attacks the break-beat structure of Lagrange Point to the point where it could be an early Mole People release, this is Kopp as you have never heard him before. Hironori Takahashi's 'Medue' is pushed into deep ephemerality with Obtane's 'Puppetmachine Remix' taking it to a weightless, beat less place. Donor's 'Distress Remix' of Chevel's 'Trevisun' compresses the swung baselines to create a crackling background and with the force that comes to the fore it makes for a very pithy conclusion to Part One.
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