Remixes [SA004] LUCY & ERCOLINO

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May. 11, 2012

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Lucy & Ercolino - Gmork (Luke Slater Remix)
Lucy & Ercolino - So The Nothing Grows Stronger (Dadub Remix)
SA004 features two exceptional remixes of Lucy & Ercolino’s last 12” on Stroboscopic Artefacts. The A-side “Gmork” is given the darkly elegant techno treatment by someone who needs no introduction: Luke Slater. On the B-side, Dadub rips into “So The Nothing Grows Stronger” with a massive dub agenda, showcasing the meeting point between the UK dubstep scene and Berlin’s formidable techno output. Techno pioneer Luke Slater, AKA Planetary Assault Systems, remoulds and rethinks “Gmork” in the studio, giving the track his twisted hallmark. He takes the original elements of “Gmork” and weights them base-side-up. In his hands the track becomes more dizzying, disorientating and hypnotic than before. Dadub’s retreatment takes the original material and reconfigures it using subtractive synthesis. The analogue process assures the track’s bespoke, simmering atmosphere.
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