One Month Off [SA022] CHEVEL



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Mar. 30, 2014

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Chevel - One Month Off
Chevel -The Wall
Chevel - Cave Dwellings
Chevel - Marker Shop
Chevel - Viewpoint

'One Month Off' is an EP built around the abstract themes of construction, starting with demolition and ending on perspective. Opening track 'One Month Off' combines a warm thump with skittering percussion. 'The Wall', next up, is perhaps misleadingly a more unsettled affair. 'Cave Dwellings' is a more organic construct, building from the traditional basics of a kick drum and hi hat. 'Marker Shop' is fourth up, uniting disparate urges and glorious moods. The beat is uncomfortable, and repeatedly gives way. The record closes on 'Viewpoint', a piece of warmer perspective. It is not, however, a calm scene: in many ways this is a view of something more unsettled than what has come before. It is both jungular and industrial, an uncompromising marriage of nature and noise.

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