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Jun 14

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Eomac - Tube
Eomac - Moon Obelisk
Eomac - DF4
Eomac - We Are All Going To Die
Here, EOMAC, or Ian McDonnell, makes his solo Stroboscopic Artefacts debut, having previously released a remix for Lucy's 'Churches Schools and Guns' album and original material as half of Lakker on the label. Throughout the opening track, 'Tube', a thick layer of noise stretches over bass pulses and buried, lumbering drums. 'Moon Obelisk' is similar in its formula, but swaps the dark drone for relentless chord scales. 'DF4' is the height of the EPs energy. Flickering breakbeats are pitted against distorted atmosphere and deep sub-bass. The second half of this track showcases what the Monad series is all about. The final track, 'We Are All Going To Die', despite its morbid title, balances light and dark profoundly. The refrain - we are all going to die / we are all the same / we need to love not fight - feels oddly upbeat as uplifting chords shine like the sun through pitch black clouds.
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