Monad XVI [SAM016] Rrose



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Sep 13

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Rrose - Onceless
Rrose - The Stare
Rrose - Kneeling
Rrose - Wet Silk Will
Opener ‘Onceless’ is a nine-minute coalescence of the aural narrative of Apocalypse Now. Running throughout is an incessant buzzing, more helicopter and plane than the label’s favourite bees. From this mechanical source emerges aneerie tribal drumming, slowly bringing the dissonance to a chilling conclusion. ‘The Stare’ begins as optimistically as ‘Onceless’ seemed pessimistic: a beautiful bass drum induces a whirring repeat. This repeat, however, begins to suffocate, absorbing the drum in a slide towards more mechanical disorientation. ‘Kneeling’ is an amalgam of hi-end loops, the master sampler for a 1980s ‘computer sound’ film stock. The tone is brought back from the electronic precipice by a more verdant perspective in the middle minutes. ‘Wet Silk Will’ has a greater jut than its predecessors, breathing and striding in a human form. Yet while it pursues this more human resolve, it certainly retains the EP’s signature pursuit of determined, electronic force.
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