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Aug 13

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Plaster - Quasar
Plaster - Uret
Plaster - Tangle
Plaster - Libra
From the first few bars of opener 'Quasar' it is clear that this is a record of certain intensity. 'Quasar' moves brusquely through the shadows, strutting on the slabs of its thick kick drum. Waves of dissonance surround an increasingly unsettled patchwork of percussion, before the anxiety grinds to a halt. Second track 'Uret' is a cleaner proposition. The layers are less and the drive is more, a hi-hat on the even beats adding a confidence of which other tracks would be envious. 'Tangle' follows. It is the uneven beat, the ugly duckling, the most industrial. It rampages forth, with a seemingly innocent echo leading the charge into chaos. Where 'Tangle' brings chaos, final track 'Libra' brings perspicacity. The combination of metallic shimmer, tribal percussion and odd glint of light lends time and space to reflect. For this is a record of individual tales - but one executed with an encompassing, unifying sound.
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