Monad XIV [SAM014] Lakker



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Jul 13

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Lakker - Dryad
Lakker - Nevada
Lakker - Asvattha
Lakker - Artificial Weather
The EP opens with ‘Dryad’, a track which starts as a menacing sea and ends as an unforgiving storm. The high-end sounds are but low clouds – rumbling, teetering, encircling. ‘Dryad’ gives way to ‘Nevada’, a track teeming with as much menace as unashamed groove. A heavy and affected bass drum pounds beneath a cheerful arpeggio, eventually overcoming the melody with discordant force. ‘Asvattha’ presents an image for the most ideally haunting night: bitter darkness, laced with rain. Not heavy; not fast; just persistent. It clangs off pipes, it drums on steel roofs. It embeds. To end, it’s ‘Artificial Weather’. What begins as a gentle shower becomes a disorientated swirl, the aural definitions of ambient techno shattered by the sound of machinery and water clashing. This is a determined and disturbed end to a record which pushes sonic limits, combining dramatic meteorological dissonance with bitterly glorious moments of melody.
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