Monad VII [SAM007] Go Hiyama


Go Hiyama

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May 12

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Go Hiyama - Wa
Go Hiyama - Kakeru
Go Hiyama - Waru
Go Hiyama - Hiku
“The generation of number series is related to objects of geometry as well as cosmogony. From the Monad evolved the Dyad; from it numbers; from numbers, points; then lines, two-dimensional entities, three-dimensional entities, bodies, culminating in the four elements earth, water, fire and air, from which the rest of our world is built up.” Go Hiyama's Monad VII is a tale of mathematical precision, with titles that translate from the Japanese as 'Equals', 'Multiplication', 'Division' and 'Subtraction'. It's a story of origin that seems to sample cells dividing, genetic material splintering and organisms knitting themselves into existence. The palette is raw, the beats broken, the dub blistering and the sum of the EP's four parts creates a blissfully hybrid whole.
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