Monad VI [SAM006] Markus Suckut


Markus Suckut

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May 12

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Markus Suckut - Parsec
Markus Suckut - Pulse
Markus Suckut - Wormhole
Markus Suckut - Cosmos
“The generation of number series is related to objects of geometry as well as cosmogony. From the Monad evolved the Dyad; from it numbers; from numbers, points; then lines, two-dimensional entities, three-dimensional entities, bodies, culminating in the four elements earth, water, fire and air, from which the rest of our world is built up.” Markus Suckut’s Monad VI is filled with iridescence. This is techno with sub aqueous sensibilities. The bass lines wander into dub territory and deep, nautical techno emerges. With track titles including “Cosmos” and “Wormhole” it’s clear that this EP has ambition. Using a palette that shimmers with a dark brilliance Markus Suckut questions the limits of what the Monad could possibly mean, and in doing so he seamlessly fuses the ecstatic with the esoteric.
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