Hepta / Tasu / Lapse [SA010] XHIN, GO HIYAMA, DONOR



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May. 11, 2012

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Xhin - Hepta
Go Hiyama - Tasu
Donor - Lapse
Xhin - Hepta (Markus Suckut Dub)
Go Hiyama - Tasu (Markus Suckut Dub)
Donor - Lapse (Markus Suckut Dub)
SA010 presents three uncompromising visions from Xhin, Go Hiyama and Donor. A1 is Xhin’s aggressive return to wax on SA. ‘Hepta’ is a gnarling, snarling tale that erupts into acrid broken beat. This track comes from Xhin’s new studio sessions, and it anticipates the coming of his most ambitious project yet. B1, ‘Tasu’, comes from a new addition to the SA fold, Go Hiyama. ‘Tasu’ is perfectly swung peak-time techno and a foretaste of the Monad chapter that Go Hiyama is currently crafting. Donor’s flipside, ‘Lapse’, shares the deep atmosphere that permeated his Monad II. While hi-hats sneak into the foreground and the background is punctuated by murmuring vocals, ‘Lapse’ gathers velocity around the weight of its bassline. SA010 is concluded on digital by Markus Suckut. His hands transform ‘Hepta’ into an essence, unravel the threads of ‘Tasu’ and in looping the vocal that’s buried deep inside Donor’s ‘Lapse’ he unleashes something that’s mesmerizingly existential.
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