Embera [SATOTEM006] Adriana Lopez


Adriana Lopez

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10" clear vinyl | mp3 | wav

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October 11th, 2019 - delivery end of november

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Adriana Lopez - Embera
Adriana Lopez - Saija
Adriana Lopez - Awa

A staple of South America’s ever-effervescing techno community, Colombian-born producer Adriana Lopez sure ain’t no stranger to the aficionados of wild four-to-the-floor epics, having delivered the totality of her typical, custom cut bunker-busters on Developer’s Modularz and her own imprint, Grey Report, in about a decade of intense dancefloor activism. For her first sortie away from her usual recording homes, Adriana steps up in no real unknown territory either, with Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Totem series providing a much suitable shelter for her deep-penetration, quaky club weaponry to grow and expand. Kicking things off in frontally brutal fashion, the title-track ‘Embera’ sets the mood right away, swallowing us amidst the countless spans and layers of hypno-tech quicksands. With the kinetic energy gauge now set to eleven and kicks thumping their way across a forest of obsessive synth spirals, Adriana then whips up a frenzy of delayed percussions, spaced-out riffs and jammed radar echoes on ‘Saija’, sure to keep the dancers in a state of wilful enslavement. Opting for a more straightforward, steady-flying angle of attack, the EP’s closer ‘Awa’ tops it all off on an equally abrasive and elegant note, true to Adriana’s trademark mix of groove-making finesse and uplifting potency.

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