Delta Sampler [SADIG004] Various Artists


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May 12

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Lucy & Xhin - LX1
Jonas Kopp - M33
Isodyne & Inigo Kennedy - Lagrange Point
Forward Strategy Group - Inside The Shadows
A sample is a small part of the whole, selected because it’s a premier example of its class. The Delta Sampler is composed by four tracks that traverse electronic music possibilities from straight up techno to oblique drone. Opener “LX1” sees Lucy and Xhin teaming up for their first collaboration. Dark, slightly brooding, the meeting of their minds is mapped out with incisive kicks, knotty dub and hi hat sizzles. Jonas Kopp “M33” is a 4/4 structure filled with discontent. The track strains with aqueous grumbles and tense peak time techno emerges. Inigo Kennedy and Isodyne borrow their structure from the observations of physics. Their “Lagrange Point” is a bassline that fluxes between a background of reverberating pads and a foreground of slithering chords, but somehow remains constant. From here the sampler closes with “Inside The Shadows”, Forward Strategy Group’s malevolent slice of drone. The complex sequence of loops builds a reflective atmosphere that revels in the hidden.
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