Bundle Three (SA016-SA025) BUNDLE



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SA016 TO SA025


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Oct. 15, 2016

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Dadub - Death (Lucy Remix)
Dadub - Path (Lakker Remix)
Dadub - Life (Rrose Remix)
Dadub - Existence (Kangding Ray Remix)
Kangding Ray - Tempered Inmid
Kangding Ray - Dimen Andesso
Kangding Ray - Nuis Octury
Kangding Ray - Ezerb Altren
Zeitgeber - Body Out
Zietgeber - Body In
Lakker - Harbour
Lakker - eeAeo
Lakker - Valentina
Dadub - Mistress March
Dadub And Retina.it - Kykeon
Dadub And Grun - Ergot Kernal
Catch Twenty Two - Shapednoise Remix
The Illusion Of Choice - Donato Dozzy Remix
Laws And Habits - Milton Bradley Remix
The Self As Another - Eomac Remix
Chevel - One Month Off
Chevel -The Wall
Chevel - Cave Dwellings
Chevel - Marker Shop
Chevel - Viewpoint
Donato Dozzy - Il Canto Della Maga
Donato Dozzy - Il Canto Della Maga Part II
Donato Dozzy - Terzo Giorno
Donato Dozzy - Sotto Ma Sotto
Lucy and Klock - Bliss
Lucy and Klock - War Lullaby
Lucy and Klock - Santeria
Lucy and Klock - A Ghost Lovestory
Chevel - Stranded (Paula Temple Remix)
Chevel - Watery Drumming (Lee Gamble Remix)
Chevel - Heimweh (Perc Remix)
Chevel - Loop #42 (Minor Science Remix)

For many, the embedded craftsmanship, sonic superiority and tangible artwork of vinyl captures a singular musical vision. Stroboscopic Artefacts’ exploration of the sonic dialect is helping reshape how we dance, listen and perceive music. We now celebrate a story of evolution told by ten unfurling flowers, each blossoming and evolving among an otherwise dystopian order. Stroboscopic Artefacts invite our fans to cherish in a legacy and own a concord time capsule of the label’s fledgling musical evolution.

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