Beta Sampler [SADIG002] Various Artists


Various Artists

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May 12

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Perc - Wooden Art
Chevel - Trevisun
Frank Martiniq - My Visor
Sasse - Face2Face With Reality
A sample is a small part of the whole, selected because it’s a premier example of its class. Stroboscopic Artefacts present the Beta Sampler, showcasing four startling fresh cuts. From Perc's exacting mind comes the brilliant “Wooden Art”. Over a bed of bubbling dub, dystopian pads slice through a gnashing wall of beat patterns. Next comes “Trevisun”, with its Detroit minimalistic approach. Chevel brings us a perfectly dizzying 10am track, replete with lopsided beats, viscous synths. Then Frank Martiniq transports us to an enchanted afterhours land with “My Visor”. This dubtechno masterpiece takes us back to a time where the elegance of synthesis and dubbing was of paramount importance. The baton is lastly handed to Berlin house giant Sasse who proudly pushes his sound in a totally new direction on “Face2Face With Reality”. Here Sasse collides his house instincts with dub know-how, creating an inspirational hybrid.
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