Alpha Sampler [SADIG001] Various Artists


Various Artists

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May 12

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Obtane - Now I Am Blind And I Can See You
Dadub - Blue Whale's Dub
Hironori Takahashi - Medue
Xhin - Arrival
A sample is a small part of the whole, selected because it’s a premier example of its class. In the Alpha Sampler, Stroboscopic Artefacts has collected together four tracks from very different artists. Opener Obtane’s “Now I Am Blind And I Can See You” quivers and flicks, whispers and crackles itself into existence. From here, Dadub unleashes “Blue Whale’s Dub”, an immense creature trawls deep waters, but as the drop comes, iridescent light pours in. In contrast, Japanese Hironori Takahashi takes us to the noisy chaos of Tokyo with “Medue”. Through this carnivorous beast, Takahashi plays with depth perception. Weighty bassline structures, uplifting piano samples and persistent hi-hats collide. The closer is from Xhin. “Arrival” is, in his own words, “an environmental sound design experience”. Even though the bassline is entirely discarded, this is no Xhin-lite. Instead, a simmered down symphony: elemental, ecstatic and most of all, terrifying.
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